Would you Rappel Down a 29 Story Building?

Hi Fellow WEGO Members!

Alyssa Harnish
For the 2nd time in her life Alyssa Harnish of WE-GO answered the call.  YES!

On May 17th Alyssa joined TEAM Rotary for the Philadelphia Outward Bound School’s (POBS) annual fundraising event called “Building Adventure.”  

It is a high-adrenaline rappel from the top of Brandywine Realty Trust’s Commerce Square.  Alyssa went “over the edge” for Outward Bound.

Each participant's goal was to help raise $1,750 to help support POBS fund outdoor education programs for more than 60 Philadelphia public & charter schools.  Alyssa exceeded that goal!

Thank you for all your support.  It meant a lot to me that you all donated support this worthy cause and helped me exceed my goal!

The link below will provide you more information as well as an opportunity to donate if you wish to do so.

In memory of Lou Karman

Many current and past WE-GO members and spouses attended the viewing and memorial service Fri. May 31, at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Lou was a Rotarian since 1957, a WE-GO Club member since Sept 1975, and served as Club President in 1987/88. He attended our Club meetings as recently as May 2.

Lou had a colorful background and was knowledgeable on many topics. Tom Corcoran sent these words: - “Lou made ever effort to get to meetings. When his eye sight precluded  driving at night he asked me to drive him. My ‘payment’ was always one of Lou’s unlimited wonderful stories, and his insistence on buying me a cold beer at Timothy’s.”

Souperbowl 2019

Souperbowl 2019 was held February 2nd 2019 at the WCU Alumni Hall on a snowy blistery night!

Net Proceeds/Financials:

The $15,334.80 Net Income is close to the final count, which will be shared 50/50 with the Sunrise Club. This is WE-GO’s primary fundraiser, injecting some $7,667 into our Foundation, enabling support of numerous charitable projects to be approved by the WE-GO Foundation BOD for fiscal year 2018/19.

(Note: it was suggested that next year the benefiting charity/ies may be pre-identified.) This year’s Net Income is down ($1,876) from last year, made up of ($2,930) lower table/seat sales; ($750) sponsors (-$nil this year); partly offset by $1,922 Football Pool income (v. none last year).

(Note: 50/50 ‘Hail Mary’ Raffle ticket sales were off by ($800), but offset by the winner’s generous giveback of $467 of the $567 prize won.

Souperbowl Feedback 

Positioning the vendors in the center of the room was deemed a success, with improved mobility among tables, but this was in part due to the lower attendance.

Audibility was a problem, both for conversation (especially on the band end of the hall), and for announcements. - Many attendees unaware of how the ‘voting’ system works. - Long, slow line-up to pay by Silent Auction winners.

Proposals for next year:

Set up a ‘whistle team’ to get everyone’s attention for announcements and the award presentations; and to improve the AV system.

Explain the voting process via posters, incl. on an easel in the entrance area.

Improve our Social Media presence.

Silent Auction – poss. divide into 2 tiers of auction items by price, and end them at different times. Post the winners at the exit so people know who won.

Should we keep the band? Room for more tables.  It is entertainment.

Someone should man the dessert table to encourage donations.

Happy New Year

Come join WE-GO Rotary and celebrate the New Year.  

Meetings Thursday Evening 6pm
Timothy's Tavern, Parkway Shopping Center
West Chester Pennsylvania

Meetings Matter

What is Frocularity? by Ed Olsivicky

Once a month, WE-GO will host an off site Frocularity event through June 2019. What is Frocularity you ask?

.....well, it all goes back to the mid 1980's and Past President of the Rotary Club of Uniontown, John C. Link's year of service. John's theme for his Presidential year was Fun, Fellowship, and Frocularity.  

To learn more or experience it for yourself, come visit WE-GO some Thursday night at 6pm at our regular club meeting, or check back each week to see where the Frocularity event will be held, or give a ring to Ed O on 484-883-3025.  

Looking forward to it!