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WE-GO's Foundation Approves Rotary District 5000 in Maui Grant

WE-GO's 501C Foundation has approved an emergency grant to support the Maui Fire Releif Fund.  

Mark Rudiger matched $50 member donations.  On September 7, WE-GO sent a check for over $1700 to Rotary District 5000.  

Honolulu, Hawaii, August 9, 2023 - In the aftermath of the recent challenges faced by our community on Maui, WE-GO, known for its commitment to service and community support, is supporting the Maui Fires Relief Fund through its Foundation. This relief fund aims to provide immediate assistance and long-term recovery support to the people of Maui, as they navigate the path to rebuilding their lives and communities. 

Maui Fire Relief Support

As people of action, WE-GO members recognize the importance of coming together during times of crisis. The Maui Fires Relief Fund is an embodiment of this spirit, symbolizing the collective strength and resilience of our community. The fund is designed to address urgent needs and provide sustainable solutions to assist those affected by the recent events. 

The WE-GO Foundation has approved an immediate $1,000 grant plus the matching funds provided by Mark Rudiger that will provide critical support for  resources effectively. By centralizing the relief efforts into a single fund, the goal is to provide comprehensive and impactful assistance over an extended period.   So, WE-GO's total grant is expected to exceed $2,000.  

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are invited to contribute to the Maui Fires Relief Fund to provide immediate relief and support for the long-term recovery of Maui's communities. 53 Rotary clubs in Rotary District 5000 have already taken the lead by collecting donations at their club meetings and collecting needed supplies at collection points. 

Support Hawai'i Rotary District 5000's efforts in the Maui Fires Relief Fund.

Donate online here or send monetary donations to:

Rotary District 5000 Foundation

Attn: Sharon Amano, Treasurer PO Box 2784 Honolulu, HI 96803
Donations are collected through the Hawai'i Rotary District 5000 Foundation.