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WE-GO Club Service

Governance, leadership and direction

Club Administration
WE-GO is governed by officers including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, WE-GO's direction and progress is coordinated through a Board of Directors, elected by the full membership. Board members are required to attend WE-GO's special morning meetings, which usually fall on the first Friday of the month. The Board meets on general and specific topics organized by the President. Committee reports are given. The Board, with the leadership of the Treasurer, proposes the WE-GO annual budget and membership fee. The Sargent in Arms manages the check-in at each meeting, collects the meeting fees and accounts for the variety of people attending. Guests and visiting Rotarians are announced at each meeting.   

Stimulating a vibrant club

Fellowship WE-GO meetings and events enable Rotarians to meet and share stories, experiences and plans on a regular basis. The fellowship WE-GO stimulates helps build a tight nit community. We often meet outside of normal business hours. In the past, we have taken trips to the Phillies or Blue Rocks games, or gone deep sea fishing or headed down to Washington DC to see and hear the changing of the guard at the unknown soldier tomb. WE-GO also schedules several annual off-site meetings including our annual holiday party at Longwood Gardens to participating in local social events such as the West Chester Restaurant Festival.

Reaching out to our community informed

Publicity, News and Communications WE-GO publishes a weekly newsletter distributed electronically - and in some cases through the mail. The Newsletter committee takes photo shots of program speakers and guests of all members abreast of what the club is working on, current programs scheduled and other announcements.

WE-GO has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages broadening the reach of our communications. Social networking is transforming how constituents connect, relate and work together. The fabric of society is not replaced by social networking, but is enhanced by alternative methods involving online and interactive actions that still require service and the ethical standards of behavior that Rotarians strive to live by.

Weekly Meetings
WE-GO members suggest, engage and listen to a wonderful array of interesting topics each week. WE-GO invites artists, doctors, business people, social service representatives, government representatives, musicians, authors, travelers and more. We have regional presentations from the Chester County Health Department, YMCA, Safe Habour, Community Volunteers in Medicine, PACT for Animals which provides foster care for military personnel's loved pets, Chester County Boy Scouts, East Side Little League, Dream Catchers, Thorncroft Therapeutic Horeseback Riding, Chester County Foodbank and many others.

Off-site Meetings, Networking and Frocularity
Over the course of the year, WE-GO visits a half dozen off-site organizations such as Chadds Ford Winery, QVC, Wawa and Longwood Gardens.  Some of our off-site visits include visiting member's homes and places of business.  We visit local establishments devoting time to club projects such as Iron Hill, McKenzie, Doc's Oyster Bar, Goose Creek Grill, Square Bar and American Grill.   Off-site meetings are integral in our club's effort getting out into the community. Some meetings are hosted, while others are simply gathering at a happy hour or someone's home having a barbecue.

Frocularity is WE-GO's term supporting networking and fellowship.

Offsite Events include visiting West Chester University, Cheyney University, the Chester County Senior Center, Bryn Mawr Rehab, Chester County Hospital, the Chester County Health Depart., Goodwill Fire Co., Fame Fire Co., the WC Public Library, Chester County Historical Society, Westtown School, Glen Mills School, YMCA and many others.