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WE-GO 501(c) (3) Foundation

WE-GO established a separate 501(c)(3) foundation back in the 70's. All active members of the club are also members of the foundation.   Our club raises funds annually placing the net proceeds into our Foundation.  Our club operating funds are separate from our foundation funds.  The WE-GO Foundation files it's own IRS return.

WE-GO supports the Fire Relief Fund established by Rotary District 5000.  Read more...

Maui Fire Relief Fund

Two of our past foundation funded projects are the Bahamas Relief and ROADD described below.

Bahamas Relief

To assist with the recovery from the severe damage in the Bahamas on August 24th 2019 by Hurricane Dorian, WE-GO staged a special dinner and fund raiser that raised $6,000 including member donations which was dispatched by Rotary International for disbursement through two Bahama area Rotary Clubs.

Members left to right
Tom Corcoran, Howard Curiel and David Moldoff

One of the internal projects developed by WE-GO members was driven home by Mark Rudiger.  We used funds raised during the year to promote an awareness education program in the West Chester School District with our local Police.

Our Very First Foundation Project

Repairing the Westtown's Oakbourne Mansion Water Tower was WE-GO's first official project in the 70's.  Below is the before and after pictures.

WE-GO has provided financial support to many organizations through the years.  All interested parties, should follow our template outline.  Please visit our club to socialize your project and need with our members informally.  Then, schedule a future program on the mission/purpose and objective of any project seeking funds.  All interested parties should contact the Foundation President, Dr. John Spellman at