WE-GO 501(c) Foundation

WE-GO established a separate 501(c) foundation back in the 70's. All active members of the club are also members of the foundation.   Our club raises funds annually placing the net proceeds into our Foundation.  Our club operating funds are separate from our foundation funds.  The WE-GO Foundation files it's own IRS return.

WE-GO has provided financial support to many organizations through the years.  All interested parties, should prepare a proposal using our template outline below.  Please schedule to visit our club and give a program on the mission/purpose and objective of any project seeking funds.  All interested parties should contact the Foundation President, Dr. John Spellman at wegorotary@gmail.com.


Note: Please use additional sheets of paper if the room below is insufficient.

1 – Briefly describe your organization and the way(s) in which it benefits the community.

2 – Please provide names and contact information (including phone numbers, addresses and email addresses) for your organization and its leadership, as well as all those connected with this application.  Also, provide all pertinent documentation re: your organization’s non-profit status and financial solvency.

3 – Please detail the amount of funding requested, and its specific intended use(s).  Include a brief description of any specific projects involved.  Include a description of how the use of these monies will serve our community in both the short and long term.

4 – Please describe, in detail, the intended method/implementation for the disbursement/use of these specific monies.  If a specific project is involved, please attach a detailed budget by line item.

5 – If there is any further information you wish to share with us, please relate it below.

6- Please provide us with contact information, as detailed above, for the individual(s) who will speak to our club about your organization and its activities on at least two occasions, one prior to approval and one following usage of any monies disbursed – date(s) to be arranged by mutual consent.

7 – Further documentation may be requested.  If this relates to your application, all necessary forms will be provided.

Repairing the Westtown's Oakbourne Mansion Water Tower was WE-GO's first official project.  Below is the before and after pictures.

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'WE-GO' was adopted as an acronym to reflect the lengths to which members of the Westtown-Goshen Rotary Club of Pennsylvania, USA go...