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WE-GO Meeting Information

Come to any meeting.  Dinner is on us.  


Meeting Information

Meeting Day and Time
Every Thursday 6PM

Meeting Location
Timothy's West Chester
929 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19382

Program Chair: Ed Olsavicky

Call:  484-883-3025 or email:

Why meet every week?

Rotary meetings are founded on fellowship and networking.  Unlike social networking and other  avenues to network and meet, we meet over dinner.  Our meeting agenda covers news, announcements and great conversation.  We learn of opportunities to serve others.  We also learn about the progress our club is making on current initiatives - such as planning the SouperBowl, Duck Race or Bag Bingo events.  We learn of volunteer opportunities.  And, the upcoming event calendar.  We learn about history, current events and diverse subjects that range far and wide.  These are the reasons we meet each week.

WE-GO's meetings include speakers on social issues, local events planned, projects underway, travel, commerce, conflicts in the world, economic challenges and world affairs.  Some of our meetings are actual work meetings - where we pack food for Rise Against Hunger. 

Programs are scheduled throughout the year.  Speakers and interested parties can contact our program chair to discuss a possible program.

Being a Rotarian enables you to meet and socialize with others close to home and around the globe.  We have guests visit our club from all over the region and world.  There are thousands of Rotary Clubs and over a million members today.

Weekly Meetings give us a chance to catch up, talk about challenges, accomplishments, plans to work together, formation of new volunteer projects and much more.  They enable networking where you can discuss current affairs, probe for assistance on topics ranging from something work related to life in general.

Any Rotarian can attend and participate in any Rotary meeting. As a visiting Rotarian, you just need to show up, pay the meeting fee if there is one, and enjoy the meeting.

Weekly, we often have guests and prospective members attend our dinner meetings.  All are welcome to come listen, be part of the conversation, gain a better understanding of an unfamiliar topic or how you can get involved.  Come learn and ask questions about volunteering.  You can make a difference in the world with us!

How Long are Meetings?

Rotary meetings are generally around 90 minutes.  Some gather early for a drink and conversation.  During the meeting, we say the pledge, have a moment of silence, make announcements, provide a program, dinner and close up with our 50/50 raffle.