Alyssa Harnish

President: Alyssa Harnish

Welcome to WE-GO, I am Alyssa Harnish, President of the Westtown-Goshen Rotary Club, a member-based organization right here in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We are a chapter of Rotary International, District 7450 in the eastern United States. Our members are passionate, dedicated and engaged in projects and service close to home and around the globe. Most of us live and work in the greater West Chester area. Members have a range of volunteer opportunities to get involved in from local fund-raising to global projects including education, humanitarian relief, safe drinking water, literacy and health related issues. Looking to give back to the community and world at large? You have come to the right place.

WE-GO Officers and Chairs

Alyssa Harnish

President: Alyssa Harnish
President Elect: TBD
Past President:  Stephanie Taylor

Vice President: Mark Rudiger
Secretary: Reese Davis

Program Chair: Ed Olsavicky

Membership Chair: Alyssa Harnish 
Fund Raising Chair: David Moldoff
Community Service Chair: Matthew Guldin
Publicity Chair: Howard Cuerel

Newsletter Committee:
Howard Cuerel
Harnish, Alyssa
David Moldoff

WE-GO Rotary Club Bylaws