WE-GO meets Thursday evenings at 6PM with a hybrid online/in person format. In person, we have dinner (optional) at Timothy's Restaurant, Parkway Shopping Center allowing us to socialize and network before and after the meeting. For those who can't make the in person meeting, you can join with Zoom Online.


Meeting ID: 853 7347 3354 Passcode: 741475

WE-GO Around the World

One of the benefits of joining a club like WE-GO is getting out and meeting people.  

Another is seeing how local small businesses operate and serve their market.  Vocational tours - like visiting Iron Hill or Stone Tavern or other venues like the Senior Center, gives us insights and topics for follow-up conversions and meetings.

WE-GO schedules meetings and events outside of Timothy's. We call it Around the World.  It is our small way of supporting many local establishments from restaurants to social service organizations.  

Meetings Matter

WE-GO meets at Timothy's Pub and Restaurant each Thursday at 6pm to 7:30pm  located at 929 S High St, West Chester, PA 19382.  Our weekly includes invited speakers covering local, regional, national and international topics.  We also meet and tour local businesses, visit non-profit organizations, government facilities and meet on projects at a range of venues.

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What is Frocularity? by Ed Olsavicky

Once a month or so, WE-GO hosts a Frocularity event, at a member’s residence or other off-site. What is Frocularity you ask? ..... it goes back to a past Club President whose theme for his Presidential year was Fun, Fellowship, and Frocularity.  In other words, Frocularity is getting together to socialize  and ‘let our hair down.’

Be our guest. Come visit WE-GO on a Thursday night at 6pm for our regular club meeting, or check to see where the next Frocularity event will be held.  Ring me, Ed O, 484-883-3025, or email me at elowr1@verizon.net.  Looking forward to meeting you!