Alyssa Harnish

President: Alyssa Harnish

Welcome to WE-GO, I am Alyssa Harnish, President of the Westtown-Goshen Rotary Club, a member-based organization right here in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We are a chapter of Rotary International, District 7450 in the eastern United States. Our members are passionate, dedicated and engaged in projects and service close to home and around the globe. Most of us live and work in the greater West Chester area. Members have a range of volunteer opportunities to get involved in from local fund-raising to global projects including education, humanitarian relief, safe drinking water, literacy and health related issues. Looking to give back to the community and world at large? You have come to the right place.

WE-GO Past Presidents

1975-76 Norman Baker, Jr.
1976-77 Thomas J. Smith
1977-78 Orville March
1978-79 Norbert Breslin
1979-80 Donald Allen
1980-81 Kenton S. Stokes
1981-82 Glenn Terrill
1982-83 Richard L. Price
1983-84 Jeffrey P. Brown
1984-85 Robert A. London, Sr.
1985-86 Milton L. Michener
1986-87 Joseph Kahn
1987-88 Louis A. Karman
1988-89 Robert W. Thomas
1989-90 Victor J. Orlando
1990-91 Sadhu R. Kataria
1991-92 Richard S. Hodgson
1992-93 Reese P. Davis
1993-94 Richard R. Beidleman
1994-95 John E. Spellman
1995-96 Robert J. Thompson
1996-97 Thomas J. Corcoran
1997-98 Frank Roia
1998-99 A. Mark Rudiger
1999-00 Milt Stith

2000-01 Stanley Krangel
2001-02 F. Robert Bielski
2002-03 Robert F. Adams
2003-04 David K. Moldoff
2004-05 J. Keath Fetter
2005-06 John R. O’Brien
2006-07 Govinda P.A. Malya
2007-08 Larry Whitaker
2008-09 A. Mark Rudiger
2009-10 Jeffrey Penfil
2010-11 Leo Gibbons
2011-12 Edward L. Olsavicky
2012-14 David K. Moldoff
2014-15 Jeff Penfil
2015-16 John Spellman
2016-17 Carol Baker
2017-18 Chris Baldwin
2018-19 Travis Olszewski
2019-20 Stephanie Taylor