The Rotary Club of Westtown-Goshen (WE-GO) meets each Thursday at 6PM at Timothy's Restaurant in the Parkway Shopping Center, West Chester Pennsylvania.

Souperbowl 2023

February 10, 2023 7-10PM

The WE-GO Souperbowl is just around the corner.  The event will be held at the Goodwill Fire Company.  We anticipate limited seating of 150 Patrons and at least 20 Players offering all you can eat and drink.  

The WE-GO Souperbowl includes a competition for the Best Soup, Best Brew and Best Bread.  Players prepare and promote their food entries at the party setup like a buffet.  We seek Players who will enter at least one Soup, Brew and Bread in combos.  Dessert and Coffee is also served.
Souperbowl Party

Our Guest Patrons pay $50 per seat - and they are given the opportunity to vote during the evening on the Player's food entries by donating $1 for each vote.  We tally the dollars by Player at the end of the night and then award winners in person and on Social Media.  

The WE-GO Souperbowl also has Music, a 50/50 raffle, Silent Auction and Block Pool Patrons can participate in.

Join the WE-GO Rotary Club's effort marshaling funds to tacking hunger.  We plan on using the proceeds to fund a Rise Up Against Hunger event bringing together volunteer organizations in March 2023 with a goal of preparing 20,000 packaged meals.    

Restaurants and Breweries can sign up for the Souperbowl.  Each Entry will receive a FULL PAGE ad promoting their business locations, events, menu and venue.   An online form will be published soon.

Please Contact David Moldoff at if you have questions, interest and want desire to participate in the Souperbowl scheduled for Friday February 10, 2023.