WEGO Souperbowl 2019 Tables Reserved

$500 Donation for a Souperbowl Table.  Each table can seat up to ten.   We can accommodate ten tables of ten.  Sunrise has another ten tables allocated.  

Please RSVP your table soon.  Only two remain.  After that, we can offer entrance without a guaranteed seat.

Ed Olsivicky (no form)
Dave Moldoff (no form)
Bob Bielski (no form)
Reese Davis (no form / half a table)
Alyssa Harnish and Carol Baker (have form)
Bob Thomas (no form)
Tom Corcoran (no form)
John Spellman (no form)
Stephanie Taylor (half a table, no form yet)
Matt Guldin (half a table, no form yet)

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