Would you Rappel Down a 29 Story Building?

Hi Fellow WEGO Members!

Alyssa Harnish
For the 2nd time in her life Alyssa Harnish of WE-GO answered the call.  YES!

On May 17th Alyssa joined TEAM Rotary for the Philadelphia Outward Bound School’s (POBS) annual fundraising event called “Building Adventure.”  

It is a high-adrenaline rappel from the top of Brandywine Realty Trust’s Commerce Square.  Alyssa went “over the edge” for Outward Bound.

Each participant's goal was to help raise $1,750 to help support POBS fund outdoor education programs for more than 60 Philadelphia public & charter schools.  Alyssa exceeded that goal!

Thank you for all your support.  It meant a lot to me that you all donated support this worthy cause and helped me exceed my goal!

The link below will provide you more information as well as an opportunity to donate if you wish to do so.

In memory of Lou Karman

Many current and past WE-GO members and spouses attended the viewing and memorial service Fri. May 31, at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Lou was a Rotarian since 1957, a WE-GO Club member since Sept 1975, and served as Club President in 1987/88. He attended our Club meetings as recently as May 2.

Lou had a colorful background and was knowledgeable on many topics. Tom Corcoran sent these words: - “Lou made ever effort to get to meetings. When his eye sight precluded  driving at night he asked me to drive him. My ‘payment’ was always one of Lou’s unlimited wonderful stories, and his insistence on buying me a cold beer at Timothy’s.”