WEGO Meeting Thursday 1/3/2019

Rotary Meeting Notes 1/3/19

12 WEGO Members in Attendance. Visiting Guest: Barbara Spellman.

First meeting of 2019.  Timothy's Tavern.  


From Reece Davis: I recently spoke with former member, Lisa Balch updated me on her mother, Honorary Member, Lois Hodgson.  She would love guests.  Lois is being cared for in the Barclay Friends nursing & rehab center in West Chester. Communications can be sent in care of her daughter at LisaBalch@verizon.net

Bob Bielski had an accident when he was walking his dog. He fell and suffered a few injuries but is expected to fully recover. Please reach out and wish him well.

From Travis - WEGO Holiday party was a wonderful success! Thank you, Chris, for organizing the event!

District seeking WEGO support for their Silent Auction or Giveaway for the district conference coming up later this year.  Members agreed to support $40 donation from the club.

Plan of Action: Over the next few weeks please send Travis “what you do for the club.” Does not need to be anything formal. This is just to serve as a backup plan in case you must unexpectedly miss consecutive meetings, etc.

From Dave - suggested downloading Otter Voice Notes on the Ipad and Iphone for those hard of hearing.  It takes dictation and presents text to the user.  Howard can use it to record meeting notes for instance.

Program: SouperBowl Planning Meeting – Friday, February 3st

Our club has eight tables sponsored so far.  Two more tables open for sponsorship.  

It would be great if some members would visit other clubs in the area and promote the Souperbowl POOL, Finding table sponsors or just getting the word out.

Talked about Silent Auction Baskets.  Need 15.  $100 value minimum.  Hope to get an update list soon.

We could use 1-2 or more vendors: soup, dessert, or bread. We are good on beer vendors.
We will have a meeting Jan 8th at Iron Hill - to determine who in the club will help with what on the day of the event.

Travis reviewed the Souperbowl Block Pool Details.   $30 gives you twelve chances to win $100.  (3 games x 4 quarters).  AFC, NFC and Superbowl itself.

Send your payment in by check to Westtown Goshen Rotary Foundation.  

Meeting adjourned.

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