Souperbowl Block Football Pool UPDATED

Posted by Commissioner Travis Olszewski 

This year, we are running a Superbowl Block Pool!  100 tickets are available.  @$30 each gives you a chance to win $100 12 times!  This page was updated with the links to the Football Pool and the PAYPAL option to pay.  You can still pay by check if your prefer.  See below for more info.  

We are raising funds for our Rotary Projects for 2019 using the Superbowl POOL.  Use the link above to select your SUPERBOWL FOOTBALL Block grid.  There are three blocks per entry.  One for the NFC game.  One for the AFC game.  One for the Superbowl game.  Each quarter will have a winner.  Winners are chosen by the score at the end of the quarter.  

How are winners determined?  Take a score like 14-3.  The pool winner would be the low digit row 4 and column 3.  If the score was 23-36, the pool winner would be row 3 and column 6.

Your entry is a tax deductible contribution!  Have a chance to win $100 12 times!

How to PLAY and PAY? Enter your BLOCK selection on the Football Pool page first. One entry includes a BLOCK in 3 pools- NFC, AFC Championships and Superbowl.   Then, make checks out to the Westtown Goshen Rotary Foundation or pay online with PAYPAL.  

You or your donor can call or text the Commissioner Travis for an verbal explanation and walk thru. Cell is 570-262-9631 or email questions to with BLOCKPOOL in the Subject line.

We will post the winners by POOL/Quarter on the website.  

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